Vocalist / Composer / Performer / Business Associate

Jenna AndersenJenna Andersen was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her interest in music began at the early age of eight years old when she begun composing and writing her own music. From then on, active endeavors in both theatrical and musical productions have served as an outlet for her creative expression.

When Jenna turned thirteen years of age she decided that she wanted to focus on compiling a musical portfolio and composing albums.

From there she started working alongside a nationally known Drum and Bass duo DJ and producer team, Slip n' Slide. Together they formed 'ELEMENTS', a record label owned by Jenna Andersen, Sean Warfield, Tej Singh and Dave Whalen to support their compositions and bring her full vocal electronic music into the public eye. The track title 'LET ME KNOW' was released and held top vinyl chart status in both Canada and the United States for many months reigning. Still to this day 'Let Me Know' is the #1 selling North American Drum N Bass single.

Following the success of "LET ME KNOW", the ELEMENTS - Feel the Realness' full-vocal album was released and is currently distributed in all major music outlets in North America through HMV Canada and KOCH Distribution Canada.

Over the years Jenna has done multiple vocal projects ranging from Canadian to European radio voice spots, televised jingles and Motion Picture soundtracks for the Toronto Film Festival.

Jenna Andersen has been singing with Mach 747 since the tender age of 17. She sang lead vocals on two of Mach 747's largest releases to date. The singles 'Atmospheric' and 'Invading Privately' were released internationally on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label in 2002 and have since gone on to be featured on several international compilations including Ministry of Sound's 'Trance Nation Anthems'. Recently, Jenna has shared the lead vocal roll on Mach 747's upcoming single 'One Day (Superstar)' which is scheduled for release in 2005.

Jenna Andersen has also just recently finished up another full vocal project based out of Toronto, Canada working with trailblazer DJ/Producers Marcus Visionary and Dave Whalen who are both globally recognized for their status in the Electronic music scene. This particular project is to independently debut July 2004. This Drum n Bass album consists of songs that have been broadcasted globally all over the world on both Radio and Web based stations such as, RADIO 1, United Kingdom. From the success and the stir that their vinyl releases have created in the North American Electronic industry, the trio saw no other option than to compile a full length LP and move ahead with a video to be released on MTV for her track title 'BREATHE'.

Visionary and Jenna Andersen have toured around Canada bringing their art to the masses. Making noise in a scene such as Drum n Bass does not come easily to many, however, with this collaboration of artists the musical force was unstoppable. Having sparked interest with major motion picture corporations such as Universal they then decided to start the second Visionary album immediately after, a downtempo EP. This album consists of a softer more commercial side of electronica, not just Drum and Bass, but emphasizing on the melodic and instrumental domains within the electronic song structure. The title track 'STAY' from album two then went on to win best song in a soundtrack at the Toronto Film Festival in 2002.

Jenna's introduction to Hustlin' Beats followed suit shortly thereafter with the label picking up 2 of the hottest recorded works Jenna and the Visionary boys delivered on the album. 'RUSH' and 'LIGHTNING' have been getting major attention in the Drum n Bass underground as well as mainstream pop media.

Through live PA performances, magazine spreads, and extensive radio play, they are quickly making moves and covering new territory. Gearing up for the release of two albums and a continuing series of vinyl releases worldwide, Jenna Andersen has her hands full and is loving every minute of it.

Jenna Andersen is not simply a studio jockey. She has performed as the headlining act among some of the top people who stand beside her in the electronic music scene all over North America. With many upcoming dates to be revealed, one of them being a tour of North America hosted by HMV Canada that will consist of a series of in-store live vocal appearances to announce the release of 'ELEMENTS' - The album.

Over the years Jenna Andersen has been a solid vocal force and composer. Since the mere age of 15 years old she has been actively involved in the biggest Drum n Bass label in North America Vinyl Syndicate Recordings. Jenna was a representative and in charge of business development for the label based out of Toronto, Canada. This not only taught her the behind-the-scenes intricacies of the music business but also allowed her from a very early age to get her musical compositions distributed to the national public.

From Vinyl Syndicate, Jenna and long time partner from 'ELEMENTS' Sean Warfield, better known as 'DJ Slip' went on to form an independent record label ELEMENTS Recordings, Orion Recordings and Crunk Recordings to serve as an outlet for their own music and other up-and-coming Canadian artists. Jenna Andersen is now the Vice President of ELEMENTS Recordings and affiliates as well as the head A&R representative of branching labels, like Vinyl Syndicate Recordings. These are the only North American labels that have supported Canadian Drum n Bass talent over the years and enabled artists like Jenna Andersen herself to be visualized as an important force in the music community.

At the moment Jenna Andersen has just finished recording her fifth album to date, getting ready to film her debut video in the beginning of the new year, bracing herself for an independently arranged 2004 spring tour, compiling her musical productions for a Canadian Motion Picture soundtrack as well as gearing up for the numerous vinyl releases in January 2004. With promotion, business and musical knowledge at 23 years old, she is taking the electronic music industry by storm.

As a driven composer, vocalist and performer, Jenna Andersen has established not just a name but also a strong repertoire in both the electronic field and the mainstream markets. She prides her work based out of Toronto, Canada but has managed to touch people around the world with her talent. With her hands in so many different projects she still manages to find the time to devote to all equally and ending each with a project that is of both top quality and destined for success. Music is her life and this artist will never stop progressing and doing what she loves, and what comes naturally.